Monday, November 2, 2009

Have you got the moves?

I had such an amazing time today. It was my first day of uni-free freedom and it was brilliant. I went over to my partner's place today. I wanted to by some mango sorbet (because it is amazing) but I couldn't find anything from Coles. I ended up going to the Original Lollystore and bought some salt water taffy and Jellybelly jelly beans.

Salt water taffy is just very hard to describe. You must try some. It is amazing. A girl from uni introduced them to me and I love love love them. I gave some to my partner once and he loved it so I thought buying them again would be a good idea. Plus, I bought some buttered popcorn jellybeans and they are simply amazing. Also, I thought I'd mention that the jalepeno jelly beans are pretty interesting too. Go give it a try! It's kind of peppery but without the burn.

I pretty much spent the day just eating chips and potato cakes and drinking some champagne. Then later on I went to have dinner with a pal of mine at the Vegie Bar. It's this beautiful vegetarian restaurant on Brunswick street. It's simply delicious. I really love it. My pal is a vegan and she ordered a very yummy looking burger that used roti bread instead of a bready bun. I ordered like a rice vermicelli salad with some vegies and a yummy soy and sesame dressing. Truly yummers.

We then ordered some vegan chocolate cake with soy ice ream to share and it was just delicious. But we were so full that we couldn't really finish it. Instead we just sat around and chatted about boys, clothes and music.

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