Sunday, November 8, 2009

And sometimes, it gets messy

The 48 Hour Film Festival is finally done! It has been an amazing weekend, working with all these awesome uni people, meeting new people and going to a strip club for the very first time. Yes, we filmed in a strip club. It's pretty cool. There were no actual strippers, but the floor was so bloody sticky. After production was over, I got a lift home and just fell asleep instantly because I had been up all night sound mixing this film.

The film is really good. This guy called Stevie came up with the idea. It's a very good idea and let me just say our team was exquisite. Emma was producer and she is amazng. She organized everything and is super good with people because she's got a very upbeat sort of personality. My pal Josh was DOP and he's a brilliant film person. Like, out of all the people in my course, he's going to go places and working with him is always good. Makes me feel cool by association.

Our actors were amazing. Andy McPhee was the main dude. He's been in a lot of films. I think the one I've seen is 'Wolf Creek', although he wasn't in it for much. Our female actor was Danielle O'Malley and she is really good. The problem with her is she's just stuck playing really trashy characters and would like to play a role that doesn't involve taking her clothes off. She needs to be taken seriously because she's really good. Then there's Johnny Reid, who is also very good. I thought he looked rather hot in costume but by the looks I got from my friend Stacey, I shouldn't think he's hot because... he looked creepy.

Anyway, production was great. I went home, slept, ate dinner, then went to see 'Couple's Retreat' (totally a last minute decision) with my partner, then the next morning went over to Stevie's to check out how the editing was going. Everyone was so exhausted. I ate the equivalent of 5 mini bagels.

Then when the film was submitted in, I went to a gig at Miss Libertine's to see my friend Daphne play her last gig in Melbourne. I met up with my pal Susie and we enjoyed a band called Rush In Attack and Kieran Christopherson. It was great.

So yeah: my weekend.

I also met Picasso from 'The Shak'. Her name is actually Kendall and she's a pal of Andy's.

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