Sunday, November 8, 2009

The moment you're returning, I'm glad

I went around the city for a mild shopping trip. There were a few essential things I had to do, like buy my monthly bus ticket ($84.50) and an iPhone cover. I didn't end up finding an iPhone cover. I just don't think the ones they had are good enough. I also have a pair of shoes I wanted to exchange. My friend Cassie bought them for me as a joke (an expensive joke too. They're $99.95!!) and I have received the OK to get them exchanged. I got a credit note and I'm so excited. I have to say, Wittner shoes is like my favourite shoe store but it's always so expensive to I always like when I can afford something.

I wanted to get an exchange for these shoes, but I couldn't find any in the store, so I'm just going to have to hold onto the credit note until something like this pops up:

There were these boots that I saw that I really like but it's getting so warm now that it seems utterly pointless buy them, despite their loveliness:

Anyway, I bought some suspenders for my friend Liane's nerd party. The theme is to dress as nerds and glasses are a prerequisite. I already wear glasses so that's awesome. Although, I did go into Dangerfield today and was massively tempted to buy some of those nerd glasses that have no prescriptions but I decided not to. I'm going to get my eyes checked for some contacts on Wednesday and afterwards I'm going to go to Clear It so I think I will go there and get some. I did buy a straw hat ($24) from Dangerfield and some suspenders ($20) from this sock store. I don't have pictures right now and I can't really be bothered taking any photos just yet because it's waaaaay too hot to move. I've just realised that I've been buying accessories. That's a huge deal for me because I'm not much of an accessory person so the hat and suspenders is quite a lot.

I also went into Cotton On and came out feeling massively depressed. I just felt like I looked epically fat. But then again, I was trying on harem pants. I wanted to buy these really cute floral ones from Cotton On Body but I just looked like a tank of fat! Well, actually, I did feel that the harem pants flattered my ankles, but that was it. Anyway, I just want to say that I will be losing some weight. But I will NOT be joining a fucking gym. I want to look good for Singapore. Plus, I heard their sizes are tiny so I'm keen for a bit of fat trimming.

I'll post up my buys a little later. Right now, I'm getting ready to edit some stuff.

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