Monday, February 4, 2013

Catching Up + Learning Age is Not an Excuse

It's been a very exhausting day! How is it only Monday? It was one of those insanely busy days where you feel like you haven't achieved much. I'm trying hard to be as organised as I can. Last week I planned what I was going to wear each day for a week. It was great; it saved me a great deal of time!

Anyway, I'm finally going for my P's this Friday, and I've told too many people about it to fail! I've convinced myself I'll go to the gym more often once I have my licence but most likely I'll just end up buying lots of takeaway. Hello maccas drive thru!

Last night I went to a book launch. Liam's 92-year old grandma, Marjorie Darling Ward, has just published a book called 'Three Chords and the Truth'. You can buy it on Amazon. It's a story set in the Australian outback, cobbled with wonderful musical references to Johnny Cash and Leonard Cohen. The book launch was great. It was full of her creative writing friends, family and long term admirers. We're all very proud of Marjorie. It's just shows you how you can achieve anything if you set your mind to it. Age is no barrier.

Over the weekend, I was discussing what to do with my hair with Liam's sister and sister-in-law. I want to go blonde this winter and since Liam's sister and mum are both blonde, I got them to drape their hair over my face to see what I'd look like if I was blonde. The result, in my opinion, looks kind of cool, but I've had so many of my friends say I shouldn't go blonde. That's not going to stop me though. I'll probably do it anyway and if I hate it then I can always dye it black. My only concern is having hair fall out in clumps.

Also, Liam's mum, Diana, gave me a bag of her second had clothes from the 80s. I've been dying to suss out her old wardrobe, which she has horded for decades. She was quite the trendsetter back in the day! She still is, I'd say. She rocked an ivory suit at the book launch. She was clearing out some of her old clothes and handed me some "vintage" Sportsgirl and Just Jeans. It's very cool! I haven't tried them on yet but if nothing fits, I'll be passing them on to friends. The shorts are TINY. They're meant to be a size 12 but they're probably a size 4 - 6. I don't know if I'm game enough to wear the cropped top. It's so cute though!

Have you been given a special item of clothing? Please share!

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