Friday, December 14, 2012

Today's Thoughts

I've been house sitting for two days and it's been interesting. Today is the first day where I'm spending a lot of time by myself, which is nice. The cats have been lovely. Bella is a really sweet cat. She's not as cute as Bear but she's super affectionate and when you call her she knows her name! Bear is a bit more reserved, which is a shame because I just want to cuddle him and rub his big belly. Bella likes to cuddle and head butt affectionately.

I'm really enjoying this area of Brunswick and this house. It's not a big house but it's cozy and the rooms have amazing light so you can just sit by the window and do lots of writing or internet-ing. It's also really close to Sydney Rd so I get a good pick of places to eat at. I'd like to do more cooking, but since I'm not here for very long, it seems kind of wasteful to buy groceries. Ever since the awful incident with Jill Meagher, my friends are overly cautious about me walking around in Sydney Rd at night. After meeting up with my friends for dinner, they wanted me to text them when I got home to make sure I was safe. It's very sweet of them, and you know, I'd probably do the same thing if the situation was switched around. However, I believe violence against women mostly occur at home and are committed by people known to the victim. We should be telling the abusers not to assault and rape people, not tell women to be extra cautious. No matter how much I tell myself to be fearless and behave the way I normally do, I feel myself growing more paranoid. When it's dark, I walk home with my keys between my fingers and I make sure I'm holding my bag and not carrying in my shoulder so it's harder for people to yank me backwards from behind. I'm disappointed in myself for doing this. I guess I just like to be prepared.

Anyway, I hope I get to do some productive stuff this weekend. I was going to go for a run, but as usual, I've let myself down. I want to write something today and post it on hitrecord. I have a vague idea bubbling inside but I hope I can execute it well. I also want to head outside for a bit. I need to buy some shampoo and maybe a soft cheese. I found some DVDs. One of them is a Werner Herzog DVD, which could be very interesting. I saw his film Grizzly Man for my documentary course. It's about a man who was really into bears and one day while camping, a bear ate him and his partner. His camera, even though it had its lens cap on, was rolling while the bear attacked him so there's audio of him and his partner being eaten by a bear somewhere. It's a really interesting documentary. I also found the complete boxset of Buffy. I've always wanted to get into that show but never did because it took forever to download. I'd like to watch it but I just know if I start watching it, I will not leave the house for a few days.

Last night, the film Death on the Nile was on TV. It's like a who-dunnit type of film. Some rich heiress is murdered and everyone is a suspect. Legendary detective Hercule Poirot solves the murder and all is good. I was too tired to watch the whole film so I read the synopsis. It reminded be of the Kindaichi Case Files, which is a manga about a young detective and his friend/possible love interest who get into situations that force them to solve murders. It's actually fucking awesome. If that's what many of Agatha Christie novels are like, I'm so keen to read them.

What's everyone up to this weekend?

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