Saturday, October 20, 2012

10-minute word vomit exercise #1

I'm trying to do this thing where I write non-stop for ten minutes with minimal editing, just to get myself writing.

Here it is: 

The other day, I was asked “What are your hobbies?”

I realised I had no answer to this question. I have interests, activities I enjoy but there’s nothing in my life I would proudly declare as a hobby. I don’t think there’s anything I enjoy so much and do often enough to be a hobby. Maybe I’m over thinking this. I mean, gardening is great fun and I try to do that every weekend. I like writing too but everything I write is not very good and always unfinished. I think I’m giving this too much thought. What’s sad is I don’t have time to do the thing I love such as writing, making films, editing, drawing and blogging. I think it’s a shame. I wish I had that burning feeling inside me that makes me want to write about something super passionately. I think I get that feeling sometimes, but it easily extinguishes itself, and I just feel stuck. I’m concerned I don’t have anything burning I need to discuss. What is wrong with me? How do people break away from this? How do people stop watching TV? I really related to the new episode of Parks and Recreation. Tom Haverford is banned from social media and Ron Swanson is trying to help him through it. He realises how addicted Tom is to social media and asks Tom why does he need to be constantly distracted and Tom says it’s because his real life isn’t great at the moment. I feel like that’s exactly what’s happening to me. I’m trying hard to not to distract myself but it’s really hard.

Other stuff:

I reviewed Potted Potter the other day. It's a show about condensing all 7 Harry Potter books in 70 minutes. Check it out here.

I finally made a stop motion video that's longer than 8 seconds. Check out the newest one I've made:

What do you do when you're stuck in a writing rut?


  1. That is actually such a great idea! I find it's very hard to start writing when you don't write for a while..I have that problem when I travel and I must say I travel quite frequently...but once you start, it's a lot easier. :) keep up the good work!

    I was glued to the TV and get distracted often when I sat in the living room a few months back. That was during the winter months when there's a big heater in there so I told myself it was ok. Now itt's warmer and I've been sitting in the guestroom where there's no TV, I've actually stopped watching TV altogether. I haven't touched the remote in ages! You should try sit somewhere where you can't see the TV, maybe it'll make you forget about it momentarily.

    1. Yeah I've been telling myself "When you feel the urge to watch TV or the urge to stare at the twitter feed, go exercise!" which I've only done once :P It's hard because I don't watch actual TV. I watch it on my laptop and I take it everywhere with me. Good on you for being so disciplined!