Saturday, September 1, 2012

Things I've been doing on the internet

Reading Thought Catalog

I’m a bit late to join the TC bandwagon and I think people have angrily jumped off it, frustrated with the quality of posts. It sometimes seems like the purpose of TC is to churn out as many posts they can each day rather than focus on quality. However, that doesn’t mean the articles/essays on TC are crap. The majority of them can be mediocre, entertaining enough to sustain your attention and make you chuckle internally. The rest are either really good because they’re insightful and witty, or terrible because they lack a point. I know TC is not the pinnacle great writing so if anyone has recommendations of other online publications similar/better than TC, please leave a comment!
Do check it out:
Writers to check out: Gaby Dunn, Ryan O’Connell and Stephanie Georgopulos

Using Spotify

I’ve been using Spotify at work, which has been great because it means I don’t have to clog up my work computer with .mp3 files. Spotify can compile a genre or artist specific playlist for you to enjoy so it’s great for discovering new artists. I’ve been listening to lots of Childish Gambino and just discovered Wale (Yes, I’m going through a rap phase) through the 'Rap' playlist. I’m still figuring out what else Spotify can be used for. I’m looking into the playlist function so I can make a digital mixed tape for Liam (saaaa romantic). I’m also thinking of incorporating the playlist into some future blog posts, but we’ll see. I’m concerned the posts might be too self-indulgent and vacuous, but I’ll work on that. At the moment I'm just using the free version of Spotify. It has a few ads but oddly it doesn't bother me very much. I suppose the only criticisms I have about Spotify is you can't listen to one song on repeat (if such a function exists, please direct me there) and their database of artists, while huge, doesn't have everything. I was looking for Lupe Fiasco's band Japanese Cartoon on Spotify and couldn't find them.
Download the app here:


hitRECord is an online open collaboration site where you can contribute your own work (film, music, writing – anything creative!) and collaborate with other artists to turn their/your creative works into something incredible. I haven’t collaborated at that level yet because I sadly have no time to do it, but I’ve started posting a few things on my page (like my paper crane video). At the moment I’m just using it as a space to exhibit a bunch of my own “work”. What I like about it is it’s a space to contribute anything creative – video, music, art, writing etc. I’d like to see my account as an online work-in-progress portfolio. Oh and did I mention hitRECord is the baby of Joseph Gordon-Levitt?  
Collaborate here:


  1. Wow I've never even heard of these sites! Seems like a very interesting concept. You really know what you're talking about. ;)

  2. Haven't heard from you for a while, how's life? :)

    1. Hi Jenny, not much, just been working a lot. How about yourself? :)

  3. Not much either, just been blogging a lot. :) Are you quite busy at work? Maybe we should grab a coffee or something! :D

    1. Yeah that would be awesome! When would you like to do this? If you're around the city, I could meet you on my lunch break :)