Thursday, January 12, 2012

My thoughts this week in dot points

  • Went to Longrain. The bartender there was very attractive. The beef peanut curry and deep-fried baby snapper were standouts. It cost us $54 each. I thought it was really expensive considering an expensive meal to me is $20 each. I think my friends generally like to do fine dining often. I have no idea how they get the money to eat at these expensive restaurants.
  • I've been getting writing anxiety that's really paralysing. I basically can't write anything serious because I feel like whatever I type will be shit and people will judge my worth on my words. I haven't felt happy about my writing for about 2 and a half years. I think I'm scared to try. I feel very focused on how I write rather than the content and it really eats at me.
  • I really need a haircut, but I really want long hair. I think I should at least get a fringe, and maybe dye my hair brassy blonde or something
  • I had pho yesterday at Saigon Pho on Lygon st. It was one of the best pho noodle soups I've had in ages. I usually eat at Rice Papers on Swanston Street but their food I feel is slowly worsening. They no longer give their patrons lemon and chilli for their pho anymore! That's mandatory.
  • There's a new hot dog place in the city called Pink Cafe Hot Dog. Even though their hot dogs don't look as nice as the ones at Snag Stand, I really want to try these, especially since their mini chilli dog is only $2
  • I did a cheese quiz and failed miserably because I don't eat goat's cheese.
  • I need to get a real job.
  • I sometimes wish I was fashion blogger, but I don't think what I wear warrants a photograph on my blog.
  • Going through my Kanye West phase. Like a boss.
  • Early last year I met a camera assistant on set and he introduced me to this band called The Baseballs. They are this German band who do 50's renditions of top 40 songs. This one is pretty legit. Also who else thinks German is a very sexy language? It's very masculine, like a lumberjack and beards. And Michael Fassbender.
  • My dad found an abandoned wild turtle in a house he was working at one day so we are now looking after this very shy wild turtle until my dad can take the turtle to a freshwater creek. I've been digging up worms in the garden. I love watching him eat worm. I let him go for a walk in the backyard. My shih tzu saw him and started shaking vigorously. I think she's scared of turtles.
  • I'm going away with Liam next Friday to Port Fairy. I'm really excited about it.
  • I saw Mission Impossible last weekend. It was fantastic. I really enjoyed it, partly because Simon Pegg offered great comedic relief, but mostly because Tom Cruise's hair was the perfect length and the teal silk suit he wears in Dubai is perfectly tailored. Plus, he's so buff.
  • I think I should be less ashamed of my Cruise love.
  • I can't wait for Rock of Ages
  • I think I'm watching Mission Impossible 4 again tonight.
How was your week?


  1. lol you should start a tumblr about your dad, his antics/sayings are amusing.. just remember that thing about the lobsters...

    i really REALLY miss melbourne's food. we have it so good there. omg, such a good food city.

    i used to go to port fairy all the time as it's like the closest nice beach to horsham

    omg you really need to watch this show called 'the great british bake off' it is a sort of masterchef but baking only. i predict australia will get it soon.

    try going blonde! just go for it lovey. also you are extremely stylish, you should do an outfit post once a week =D

    1. What thing about the lobsters? lol. I'm so down for this tv show. Gonna youtube it like mad. Is there anywhere you'd recommend we go to in Port Fairy?

  2. Hahaha love the turtle story~ I used to have a turtle when I was still living in China, had it for many years but one day it got stolen :( I was so upset!

    I need a haircut badly too, but I have a wedding tomorrow which I'm a bridesmaid for so need to keep it long...after the wedding, I'm planning on cutting it short :D

    1. Awww, I know I'll be really sad when we put mr. turtle back into the wild :(

      How exciting! I want my friends to hurry up and get married so I can get all fancy at their weddings :P How short are you planning on cutting your hair? I'm thinking about cutting mine a bit above shoulder length and getting a blunt fringe :)