Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This week feels like a hazy swarm of hospitals and vet clinics. Monday night, my father badly sliced his hand between his thumb and finger with a power tool. It was so deep he needed to see a plastics surgeon to make sure there was no tendon/nerve damage. There weren’t enough beds for him so he stayed overnight in the emergency ward and was transferred to another hospital the next morning as soon as a bed was free. He was meant to have his operation that afternoon but there was no space/doctors were too busy. It was awful.

He finally had his hand surgery on yesterday in the late afternoon. My mum was a terrible, hyper-anxious mess. We were in his ward for ages, waiting and waiting. Mum noticed all these brochures on the wall were about bones and she freaked out because she thought my dad had damaged the bone in his hand. I had to tell her several times that dad was staying in the “bone department” but he had to go to another floor to have his operation. He’s home now, but he needs to keep his arm elevated and dry. I’ll be taking him back to the hospital on Monday so the surgeon can take another look at his hand.

As well as this, my dog Tiffany has been to vet to get her health checked out. She has a grade 4 heart murmur and I got the vets to do a general exam on her, in case there is something else wrong with her. She has mild bronchitis and a UTI. We’re sorting out the UTI problem and when she gets better, she’ll be on medication for bronchitis. That vet bill cost me $852.05. When I told my dad about it at the hospital, he was scolding me for wasting my money on an old dog. My dad grew rather existential and gave me the spiel that old sick pets are like old sick people and that sometimes it’s just not worth spending so much money on their health when they won’t get better.

Anyway, in happier news, I had a great time in Port Fairy. I’ll be posting up some pictures this week. I hope everyone has a good day!


  1. Awww it's terrible news. :( Hope your dad and your dog are both better. I don't think spending money on a pet is a waste of money, afterall, they're like a part of the family. I wouldn't want any of my close relatives to be sick and go untreated...

    I've had a very busy and mixed good/bad week too...LOTS of CNY celebrations as well as my brother's birthday on Wed. On his birthday while we were celebrating, I found out my boyfriend's grandfather is not doing well. He probably only has a month left. We booked flights for next Friday so I'll be overseas for ages. :(

  2. oh no that is just awful. I read your blog. I can't believe they're making it so difficult to go to China. It's just ridiculous; it's the last thing you need :( I hope you're all doing ok.