Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 7: Song that reminds you of an event

When I was younger, I was (and am) a massive Michelle Branch fan. I remember watching the video to Everywhere and thinking that Michelle Branch was awesome and I wanted to be exactly like her. But it was when she released Game of Love that really had me hooked. I love that song so much: It's catchy, summery and absolutely wonderful.

I bought her albums with my pittance of an allowance at HMV, bought all her singles as well because I didn't want to miss out on any of the acoustic versions of songs or new songs. It was a really awesome period for me. My friends would rip out posters of Michelle Branch from magazines for me and I'd stick them on my folders. I even convinced my parents to buy me a guitar for my birthday because I wanted to teach myself the guitar like Michelle Branch did.

So in 2003, while my dad was taking me to tutoring classes, on the radio, they announced that Michelle Branch was going to be on the famous Fox Rooftop, performing all her songs and whatnot. I screamed. For days I would listen to the radio, and text my details, hoping the radio station would call me up and offer me two tickets to see Michelle Branch perform at the Fox Rooftop. I texted so much but no one called me. I was getting desperate and sad.

Until one day, my phone rang. Yup. I won tickets. And I was on the radio too. As soon as I hung up the phone, all my will power to stop me from screaming crumbled and I let out a loud shriek. I called my friend Joanne and told her to listen to the radio, and we both listened to me win tickets to see Michelle Branch.

Finally, the day had arrived. I took the day off school and asked my friend Aileen to come with me. I totally remember what I wore too. At the time I thought I looked awesome. I remember I bought these cord pants that we vertically striped, very similar to the pants Michelle Branch wore in the video to "Game of Love". I felt really cool.

When Michelle Branch finally rocked on stage, it was electric. Here, before me, was the woman I wanted to be like when I "grow up". She looked gorgeous. I remember she had really awesome purple eye make up. She started playing "Everywhere", then talked about the inspiration behind "Are you happy now?" and explained why her favourite song on the album "Hotel Paper" was "Empty Handed". I remember singing along with her and when I thought she was making eye contact with me, I smiled brightly, and I swear she smiled right back! That probably never happened as I was standing behind four giant dudes, but I'm going to pretend that Michelle Branch and I shared a profound moment of eye contact.

So now, anytime I hear Game of Love (or really, any song by Michelle Branch), my mind happily drifts back to the day I saw Michelle Branch perform on the Fox Rooftop.

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