Sunday, December 12, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One - Review/Pervefest

Look, I'm not gonna lie. I fucking loved Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One. Fucking loved it. In fact, it was the most intense Harry Potter film to date. Even though I knew what was coming, I still flinched, gasped, giggled, bawled (I actually started crying two minutes into the film. Somehow, Hermione obliviating her parents' memories reduced me to a burst pipe,) gripped my date's arm and smooshed my eyes into his shoulder because Bathilda Bagshot scared the shit out of me.

It was awesome.

Also, how weird was the whole Harry-Hermione-making-out thing that came out of the locket? It was like... so sexual, which was obviously the point, considering the locket was there to mess with Ron's mind. But still, it was pretty sexy. I mean they looked kinda naked and awkward.

Speaking of sexual, I really couldn't get over just how gorgeous Jason Isaacs looked in the film. I remember thinking Lucius Malfoy was an epic babe when I watched Chamber of Secrets, but because I was about 13 or 14 years old when I watched it, I felt wrong thinking that about him. Now that I'm a mature 21-year-old, I can ogle loudly. Oh that's a gross phrase. Point is, Lucius Malfoy never looked sexier with his long blonde hair, one hand clutching a goblet of fine wine, showing a bit of neck:

Ergh. You know what's wrong? Jason Isaacs is probably older than my parents. As is Alan Rickman. Speaking of Alan Rickman, I wish he was in the film a bit longer, but I guess he'll be in the second installment so that's something to look forwards to.

Oh no. This "review" has become a list of really hot men who are kinda old.

ALSO. HOW HOT WAS THE HEAD SNATCHER? I thought he was quite babe. I actually thought he was Daniel Johns and squealed to my partner that Daniel Johns was in the film. Oh shit this has really become less about the film and too much about the hot actors in it. I have to stop this. This always happens when I watch a film. I always let the hotness of the actors persuade me to like the film. That's what happened to Batman Begins (if it helps, the film is awesome, but only the first time you watch it).


Aside from being a perve fest for me, the film was great. I just loved it. I'm a huge fan of the books and I'm SO GLAD they decided to cut out Lupin's "I'm-not-ready-to-be-a-father/let-me-come-with-you-guys-on-your-journey" moment. When I read that in the book I just felt like it was very out of character. I understand that these are terrifying and uncertain times but Lupin would never cave so pathetically like he did. Harry was right to tell him to fuck off.

What I am disappointed about is the role Kreature plays in the film. Kreature and his relationship to Regulas Black really touched me and when they cut out that really emotional moment for the film, it disappointed me. But then again when I think about it, it's not at all something that can be done in film without it being cheesy.

OH! And Dobby. That was another tear-jerking moment. My partner thought it was funny that I cried so much during the film. Whatever, he's never read the book. He can't possibly imagine what any of us are going through.

All I can say now is bring on Part Two! I'm most excited for this. And when the film ends, I'm going to cry because it will officially mean Harry Potter is truly finished.


  1. Aw you're adorable. I hated that part where Harry and Hermione were making out. It was so sexual, you're right, but it was so wrong because it wasn't RON she was macking on with. I can't wait to see them actually full on kiss. They better fucking make out in part 2 otherwise I'm going to be VERY UPSET. What did you think of the bit where that song is playing and Harry makes Hermione dance with him?? I thought it was sweet but totally lame.

    The problem I had with this film is that I was constantly waiting for it to end, wondering which bit they would choose to finish it at. And more than ever in this film it struck me how much of the inner dialogues they have to spell out (haha, spell) and it was annoying! Just saying really obvious things that didn't seem conversational or natural (not that in magic world things are natural at all), but had to be said to explain or move the plot.

    You're right, they didn't really dwell on the Kreacher/Regulus thing. I liked how in the book Kreacher ended up being really kind to them, but I guess because they didn't include S.P.E.W. in the fourth film the elf rights thing wasn't that big of a deal.

    The saddest death for me was Hedwig =(

  2. I know it was really cheesy when they danced but I felt like Hermione needed it and Harry was just being a bro. Poor hermione has it the worse, really. She's the one that has to like... hold the team up cos she's the one with awesome skillz. Ron has gone off. Harry's just... different. Plus hermione has to obliviate her parents' memories to protect them. They will never recognise her again. She said it so many times in the film, saying how they won't even remember her or the places they used to go to (which adds to the stuff you were talking about re: how they were saying things that weren't natural, being very expository etc)

    I was crushed when dobby died. fucking bellatrix. What a psycho.

  3. I thought that Lupin had it going on. Also, Ron was totes a babe, way hotter than Harry imo.

  4. ron's always totes babe. Plus I was disappointed with Billy. He was meant to be UTTER SEX. But he wasn't. Like, he was meant to be (in my mind) kinda Jon Bon Jovi-esque, not indie band lead singer-ish.

  5. Yeah Lupin was sexaaaay. It's a shame they had to make Tonks all lame and girly to show that they were together though. Ron was mega babe.

    Thoughts about Draco anyone??

  6. draco has nothing on his father. NOTHING. I still can't get over how hot Jason Isaacs is in this film. It's like I've never known what good looking men looked like. I thought draco was a bit blah.


  7. wow that's pretty harsh!! Draco was pretty babed in HBP, he did look more sallow than suits him in this film.

    yeah man, the Battle of Hogwarts is going to take it out of me. I will be a wreck!