Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Guidlines to Harmonious Living Now That I Don't Have a Job or Uni

1) I must watch at least one movie I've never seen before every day

2) I must at least write one short story everyday. It doesn't matter if it's crap. It's to get myself writing

That is all.

My friend Susie has notified me of Hel Looks and it's fun flicking though the photos of trendy individuals from Helsinki, and reading about what inspires their style. Although, there are some WEIRD things that inspire people, but that's cool. It's just amusing.


  1. oh god, Hel Looks is awesome!!!
    Copenhagen Street Style is good too. I was looking at street style blogs from all around the world. Ohhh the Bucharest one is excellent:

    argh! there is no good melbourne one any more.. I wish we could do something about this..

    also I am going to upload my recipe and tips for making macarons to my blog just for you my dear. If I email you, what email address should I use?

  2. ooooh!!! the uh, more professional-sounding email address. I'm not twelve anymore.

    one girl said she was inspired by onions.