Sunday, July 4, 2010


I've been eating really badly the last couple of... weeks. It's so terrible that I think I'm getting confusing stomach pains. I'm really scared that I have an intolerance to dairy because... well, dairy is best. What I think it might be is that I need to do some more exercise. I'm thinking about walking my dogs more often. Maybe I should wake up at 6am and start exercising them too. I certainly will help me achieve the whole "lose weight" thing, although right now I just want to get rid of the chest pains. I'm kinda stuck to my bed right now. It really sucks. I feel kinda fat.

I thought about cutting diary and gluten from my diet but you know what? We went to Costco today and I bought stacks of jarlsberg and some lovely muffins. I CAN'T NOT EAT THEM!!! So I'm going to try the exercise thing. I hope that's the reason why I'm having these pains. I got them yesterday after eating too much for lunch, but the pain I suffered was just so uncomfortable, and I had to work while trying to ignore the pain. And during work placement, I had hungry jack's for breakfast for three days in a row.

Yup, I suck. And now I'm paying for it. LAME.

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  1. Maybe instead of cutting things out you should focus on eating fresher foods. That's what I did when I was experiencing similar pains. Sometimes these things can be more about what we're NOT eating, as much as what we are. You know, the old adage: MODERATION. I would recommend just focusing on vegetables and fruit rather than cutting stuff out. Because that seems a more positive thing to do.. and it's all about how it seems, as opposed to what it is. That's what I find anyway. So instead of a largely negative frame of mind where you hate yourself for disallowing yourself foods, you can enjoy the tasty veg based things you are consuming.