Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The day my stomach burst

Last night, I had dinner at a lovely Thai restaurant called Patee Thai. It's situated at 371 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, right opposite another culinary delight, Vegie Bar.

It's absolutely gorgeous when you step inside: nice and dim, filled with some beautiful Thai paintings and ornaments. Please excuse the crappy iPhone photographs. I will make the effort to carry a proper camera next time.



One of the coolest things about Patee Thai is you can choose how you want to dine. For example, you can choose to sit at a table, or you can sit on the floor. If you do choose to sit on the floor (like we did), I would seriously recommend two things. One, make sure the shoes you are wearing aren't too difficult to take off. Yes, to eat sitting on the floor you need to take your shoes off. My partner learned the hard way and had to spend a few extra seconds to take off his Chuck Taylor shoes. The next thing I recommend is that you should have feet that don't smell. It would suck if you were dining and someone's feet stink. Luckily no one around us had bad foot odour.

We ordered:

fish cakes
Yummy Thai Fish Cakes. We always order them, and these are so frigging good. The sauce, we noticed, had honey it it instead of a thick sugar syrup for sweetness. AWESOME.

Grilled Chicken, Marinated in Tumeric and Coriander Roots. This was delicious. They also added some coconut milk/cream to add a bit of sweetness. So fucking good.

cashew prawns
Cashew Prawns. This one was full of vegies. It was so tasty. It was sweet and spicy, and generous in sauce so it tasted great with our rice.

After dinner, we decided to head to a cafe called Tin Pot. It's a lovely cafe in North Fitzroy. My partner and I stopped there before we trekked over to Patee Thai for a coffee. The menu is scribbled on blackboards, and their bread and butter pudding caught my eye.


Now, I should explain that the two of us were very full from dinner, and we had plans to just rock up at Tin Pot and share a dessert. When we rocked up at Tin Pot, we saw apple crumble with ice cream so we ordered bread and butter pudding (me) and apple crumble (him), plus so tea to wash it all down.

apple crumble
Apple Crumble with Ice Cream. So delicious!

bread and butter
Bread and Butter Pudding with Creme Anglaise. It was dense, creamy and rich. Absolutely delicious with the strawberry.

Our tea. I opted for some peppermint tea to help with digestion.

We couldn't finish our desserts. We were like two turtles on their backs, beached in our chairs, enjoying the warmth of the little fireplace.


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