Wednesday, July 21, 2010

babed as...

HELLS YEAH! This week on People are Just People, Susie wants us to write down our top 5 unconventional babes. Yessssss....

1. Cillian Murphy

2. Adrien Brody

3. Wes Anderson

4. Elijah Wood

5. Simon Pegg

Can I just say that it was very difficult for me to pick a top five...


  1. I wanna bang Simon Pegg, for reasons that I should probably not reveal on blogger. What movie is that Elijah Wood still from? He looks sexy as!!! There's this movie he's in called "All I Want" - think it's like a b-grade coming of age film with Mandy Moore hah and I really adored him in it, loved the film and called it my favourite for ages even though I don't remember it at all now! Something about being a writer probably. Mmm sexy list.

  2. it's not a movie still. He modelled some eye wear with shirley manson. Yes, I remember all i want. He played a dude called Jones. Ended up dating his co star for a bit. I was super jealous. And she was heaps older. She played the title role in run lola run.