Friday, March 19, 2010

where were you at the end of the world?

I was sobbing in the toilet when the world ended. My breath was short, my head was light, black spots danced in front of my eyes until all I could see was black. My head was pounded. A little man trapped inside my skull was desperately trying to escape. He sprints towards the skull, violently slamming into it as hard as he can, until he collapses into a mangled heap, exhausted and dead.

Nothing was left now. Nothing mattered. The world had ended, and I drowned with it.

She had come back, you said, for a new job. You said she was excited to be back, to be home again. You were glad; you missed her, and rightly too. She was wonderful. She was beautiful. Of course you missed her. Everyone did.

You said she was upset. Upset and frustrated. You had to console her. Hold her. Stroke her, caress her. She cried but you made her laugh. She said she missed you. And you missed her too.

You said you were both drunk, had some beer, some wine, some scotch, until you forgot what you were drinking. You forgot when you stopped drinking and when you started kissing. You forgot when you stopped thinking and when you started sinking; deeper and deeper into her. You fell in, in so deep, your heart pressed against hers, beating together, in-synch with each other, holding one another, being each other.

You said it didn't mean anything, and that you were drunk. You said you were sorry.

But what did it matter anymore?

My world had ended, and I drowned with it.

So... this is fictional. My first attempt at short fiction in YEARS. It's not very good, I know, but I'm taking a chance with this and being brave about sharing my writing with people. It's really difficult for me to share my writing with people because it's so personal sometimes. In fact, I feel fiction is more difficult to share than something non-fictional, probably because it's actually more personal. Plus, you know, I'm not good with words.

Anyway, this is a response to my friends Stacey and Susie's blog. They share a blog and they post up ideas for the other to discuss. I think the concept of the blog is interesting and would urge you all to read it and maybe participate in some of the things they post up. Come on, interact, will ya?

This is a blog post responding to a post about "where were you when the world ended?"

So yeah. Don't judge me. Both Susie and Stacey write heaps better than me. Go have a read at the other stuff they've posted up. It's really awesome. I hope to do more of these next time.


  1. thank you thank you thank you thank you

    this was a delight to read!