Saturday, March 6, 2010

These are my jam

I love food and I've been taking shitty photos of food for the past month. I'm just going to post them up here. It'll be fun (to me).

This is an ekmek. It's this beautiful Greek dessert. I can't even begin to describe how it tastes. There are layers of baklava, noodle-like pastry, custard and cream. It's very rich so I didn't finish it.

My partner just moved into a new suburb and we were exploring one of the main streets. We stopped at this little cafe and died due to the awesomeness that entered our mouths. This was a beef foccacia. It was more like a really good steak sandwich. So delicious. The actually grilled cheese on the bread, then added the steak, tomato and lettuce. That's pretty amazing, hey?

After lunch we moved onto cake. This was what my partner ordered. Some kind of orange and coconut cake. It was kind of hard but oddly moist. It did taste a bit like it was made a few days ago.

I couldn't resist this. But it wasn't that good. Too sweet and obviously made a few days ago.

This was my attempt at making roti. It didn't work. It looks like a papadum! I think I needed to use more oil than water because it turned out really dry and flour-y.

The curry I made to accompany it was sensational. Holy fuck it was amazing. I added potato, mushrooms and chicken. It wasn't spice but it was just full of flavour and coconut goodness.

This beautiful thing is a pomegranate. It's very tasty but each pulp has some kind of woody bit in it so that was a bit disappointing. I thought I could just bite the little bits and they'd pop and ooze tangy juice. Oh, well.

I went to China Bar Signature buffet and it was quite good. They had delicious yum cha dim sums, peking duck, sushi and sashimi, delicious curry, and fancy dessert. I have to say, dessert was a let down, although I do believe it was because we ate late and so the all the good desserts were taken and we were left with the duds. That green mousse was disgusting. I don't even know what it is.

I made some soup noodles one day and I am quite pleased with it because I used a lot of veggies in it. There's carrot and spinach plus some tofu cakes. It was yummy as.

I've been very keen to make teh tarik, which is Malaysian "pull tea". It's just tea and condensed milk that has been "pull". You get two cups and you just pour the tea into the other cup until it gets all frothy. I started off with one cup, but spilled a lot so have only half a cup left. Then I gave half to my mum so that was how much I was left with.

My partner and I went to this Japenese restaurant in Fitzroy called Peko Peko. It's does really homey Japanese meals that are of really good quality and so filling. There's something really filling about them. This was what my partner ordered. It's some kind chilli chicken dish that was so tasty.

I had the tofu soba noodle soup. Also very tasty. Very rich with sesame flavour.

We also had these chicken gyozas to start. They had tiny bits of dried mushroom in them and those shrooms really added an earthy and awesome flavour to it. It was delish.


  1. I loooooove Japanese food. It's the best. I would live off it for the rest of my life.

    Also, I feel queer when you write "my partner", maybe that's just because I am used to you saying his name and it feels unnatural to see it written like that. Food for thought (this is a pun because the blog post is about food)

    I would comment on all the other posts here that I have read, but I may just lump it all into here. I liked the post you wrote about people on life support and what if they are dreaming but their machine is switched off (or thereabouts) and dying and what does it feel like.. and being scared and stuff. I think you know very well how this issue plagues me. I don't have anything to help or remark overly with but basically I am here; most thoughtful people (you and I are of this persuasion, I have found) generally go through something like this. And one time our friend Socrates said "the unexamined life is not worth living". I think he is right, and we are right to stumble around with thoughts like those.

    your blog about whether your blog should fit into a category is something I have often thought about my own. because some of the most successful blogs are the ones that stick solely to one area.. fashion.. craft.. food.. whatever. but it's hard to stick to one if you really like all of them. I think that if you have a certain "voice" that is constant throughout whatever you're discussing in your posts, then your readers won't mind what you write about. As long as they know who is writing it, you see?

    this is a long comment. I want all of the food. I wish I had my own partner to go on dates with, then I could justify eating out more. I like that you two try to consume lots of different foods. Next time you should go to Wooden Spoon on Smith Street. It's very wholesome and also Japanese. Also, very jealous about his move. Have you guys been down High street yet? It's one of my favourite places in the whole world/city. I think I'll have my 21st birthday that way. Wesley Anne ftw.

  2. You've been hella busy haven't you! A lot of these look so tasty, im especially intrigued by the Roti (roti was it?!) for some reason. Give me a clue, what is it?

    Maybe you could do a how to and help us learn to make it!


    Hit me back at LITTLE RAZZI blog!

  3. This food looks delicious!!!!!!!!! These pictures just made my stomach start growling :)
    Nice blog,