Monday, February 1, 2010

love don't cost a thing

My hair is pretty long at the moment. Long and severely damaged, it seems. I've been contemplating cutting my hair but I've decided that unless I drastically cut it short, my hair will still be a damaged mess.

I've decided what my short hair will look like too. It's sort of a hybrid between Karla's hair from Karla's Closet and a bit of something else that I can't really describe. I guess it would be a bit longer. I'll probably dye it too, probably some sort of brown or purple. There will be no real fringe. This is going to be fun.

I've made myself believe that summer time is the time for long hair and that winter is best for short hair. I'm wrong and right, of course. There's no rule for it. Your hair will look just as awesome in summer as it does in winter.

Rock on!

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