Saturday, January 30, 2010

First impressions can be wrong so let me clear what's going on

By the way, this video is awesome. At least, it's awesome to me. I loved it when I was 12.

Oh man I've got this really bizarre tingly burning sensation on my left pinky. It's very disturbing and I am kind of freaked out. It's like I've got some sort of invisible film of acid that coats my fingers. Fucking lame.

I went to the Hello Sailor Vintage Fair and to be honest it wasn't that awesome. It's weird because while I get excited about buying and shopping for these second hand clothes, I am really terrible at it. It just seems like everyone else is so good at it, probably because they don't rush through the racks of clothes the way I do. I have to say I don't linger on clothes for very long. It's like "hmm, first impressions aren't very impressive. I'm not gonna dwell here" and I don't.

Regardless, I did end up having a good time with my pal Susie. I also bought a ring!

Afterwards, Susie and I felt hungry so we went to Trippy Tacos. It's this tiny joint that does vegetarian Mexican food: taquitos, burritos, nachos and of course tacos. Yummmm.

Susie ordered the taquitos:

I ordered a taco and a bowl of chips. The chips were amazing. My tacos, while awesome, had a "goaty" flavour to it. Maybe it wasn't a goaty flavour, but that's what it reminds me of. Regardless, it was really tasty, plus I never realised how awesome black beans are!

Anyway, we then headed back to the city, up to the Lounge for some apple cider, chatted, discussed how cider was clearly the drink of the moment, then went home. I had a good time. I just wished I bought some more stuff, or there was more stuff to buy.

Oh well, that saves me money, doesn't it?

I go back to work tomorrow. I so can't be bothered. I've become accustomed to not needing to work. Now look at me. Oh well.


  1. Lol the goaty flavour. I read this post originally a few days ago and I had something to say but now I don't remember so I just thought I'd comment and say hi while I am at a computer. HEYYYYAAA

  2. That looks so good! Additionally I am liking the vegetarian element.