Monday, January 4, 2010

three cheers

I feel compelled to respond to recent body image issues regarding a Jennifer Hawkins, nuding it up for Marie Claire's cover. For those who don't know, Jennifer Hawkins, former Miss Universe, has stripped nude for the front cover of Marie Claire magazine. Apparently the photo is without any photoshopping. She's done this to support women's body image, and I think it is great.

Now, heaps of people are outraged by this because they don't believe Jennifer Hawkins is a good advocate for positive body image because she's so flawless and the "no photo shopping" thing kind of makes a common lass like me feel a bit deflated. The thing is, we shouldn't be complaining about this. Jennifer Hawkins is proud of her body, and why the hell are we complaining? Isn't a healthy body image about being happy with your body and being proud of your body? Jennifer Hawkins works hard to achieve the body she has, and she should be proud of her efforts. Similarly, those who have a different body type should be just as proud of their bodies. Your body is your own, everyone who goes naked for healthy body image is to be applauded, and not criticized for being not "real".

We're only outraged by this because we're constantly comparing our bodies to women who look like Jennifer Hawkins. Stop. Seriously, because we don't all look like that. And that's fine. The point of the shoot is to promote healthy body image, and while it seems cruel to put Jennifer Hawkins next to no photo shopping, what it is ultimately trying to promote is that we should all be proud of our bodies, whatever the shape.

It doesn't matter what you look like, you should not be made to feel bad about the way your body is. So don't bash Jennifer Hawkins for being proud of her body. She has every right to be proud of it, just like Bianca Dye should be of her body, just like you and I should be of our bodies.

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