Tuesday, January 5, 2010

tea tea tea

Working in retail has really killed any sort of excitement I reserved for sale time. In the past, I was an avid supporter of sales. I remember when I was 15 and I went into Myer (an Australian department store) and bought this grey and black asymmetric dress for $21 and a pair of yellow Converse Chuck Taylors for $49. That was a sweet sale time experience.

Now, sale time just means rude customers, messy tables, regional managers obsessed with stock, and shit rack up. Working in retail has drained out any possible desire to participate in sales. You just don't care enough to really be part of it. After working a tiring shift, all you want to do is sit and look outside. It's soul draining.

Although, I did buy a pair of heels. And they were originally $149.95 and were reduced to $99.95 (I had to have them).

This got me thinking: I really believe that sale items are only worth it when you buy quality items. So good quality shoes, nice bags and wallets, facial products, quality coats and jeans - all these things that would normally cost you a fortune are worth buying on sale because they are quality, and they will last.

So if you want your money to be worth all the sale time frenzy, go buy good quality items.

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