Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I hate when you dress up in something that requires you to not eat for a few hours to look good in it and you end up eating heaps because of said non-eating. That happened today. See, I've realised that because I am not exactly skinny, I have to make sure I am decently unstuffed of food to look good in them high-waisted shorts.

Anyway, I've decided that I should at least work in a few sessions at the gym when I get to Singapore. There's a gym at the hotel and it's a pretty decent one too so I should take advantage of it when I am not shopping, not eating or not hanging out with people. That way, I can keep in shape and because it's free (ish), I might feel compelled to use it as much as possible.

I think that's fair. I think I will do that.

Here is my "itinerary" for my first day at Singapore:

- Land in Singapore
- Take the shuttle bus or the MRT to the hotel room
- Check in
- Book an appointment for a hair cut
- Depending on my hunger, either go shopping or eat
- find Topshop
- Explore Wisma Atria, Far East Plaza, Ngee Ann City, The Hereen, Orchard Shopping Centre
- Get postcards at Singapore's visitors centre (depends if they do postcards)
- Go back to the hotel
- Change into "gym" wear
- Go exercise for an hour or more
- Go shower
- Blog about my day/Topshop

I like my list. This is going to be awesome.

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  1. Might I just suggest that you don't need to pack all of that into your first day? You are going to be there for a few weeks, so there's no need to rush. It is a holiday, after all!! You'll probably just be tired when you get there anyway. even though it's not a very long flight, there's still a lot of faffing about at airports to be done. while you're at singapore airport though, you should see if they've got my ipod lying around anywhere. i often dream of it :(