Thursday, November 12, 2009

Your knife goes real well with my novelty alien hand

Now that I've become a wearer of contact lenses, it has occurred to me just how much a pair of spectacles can affect the way people perceive you.

In fact, I never really thought of my glasses as an accessory that much, despite owning 6 pairs of glasses. I just rotate my glasses according to how long I have worn them, rather than which one matches my outfit. I just assumed that the big nerdy glasses were the ones that were worthy of calling accessories. But I guess not.

I was at uni today, talking to the hot tech guy and he was telling me that he preferred me wearing glasses. He said something along the lines of, "glasses are the best things to happen to accessories". He also said he liked my hat but that's another story.

Hmm. That got me thinking about the power of glasses. Just a bit of plastic and glass can project such a strong image. You pop a pair of glasses on someone and they are considered to be smarter than they actually are. And look at nerd porn: the only thing separating nerd porn from normal porn is that their participants wear glasses.

Glasses have created quite a strong impact on stereotypes too. Just look at films where they have these nerd characters: there will always be at least one person who wears glasses. This just makes me think about people who get picked on for wearing glasses. Why do people pick on them or make fun of them? It's so absurd. They can't see. That's why they have to wear glasses.

Perhaps bullies see glasses as a sign of weakness and they pick on that because they're already lame fucks. If I think about it, being unable to see clearly is a physical setback but glasses make things better. Bullies always pick on the weak and to them, relying on a pair of glasses is a sign of weakness. Thus, the stereotypical bullying we watch in film and Tv are between supposed alpha male types, and bespectacled peeps like me.

See, my mum would say it's very unsafe to wear glasses and she uses the film "The Mummy as an example. If we look at the film, one of the researchers that gets killed by the mummy is a dude who wore glasses. He fell over and his glasses smashed, consequently rendering him almost blind and costing him his life. That's why she believes contacts are better.

In fact heaps of people wear contacts because it's more practical, especially when you play sport.

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  1. I think glasses really suit you in particular.
    But of course glasses must be really annoying to wear 24/7. I imagine contacts are a nice change =]