Saturday, March 9, 2013

Art Attack!

A few weeks ago, I did a watercolour painting course at CAE. It was great. If anyone is considering taking it up, I strongly recommend doing an introductory course because watercolour painting can be a little technical. I'd strongly recommend the course at CAE. The teachers are great and it's good fun.

Before the course, most of the things I painted were landscapes, and I'm not very good at that. After the course, I had a look at some watercolour artists. Most of them paint landscapes but there are a few like Emil Nolde who also paint portraits and flowers. Nolde's work is very gestural and vibrant, very different to what we associate watercolour with.

Anyway, I've started to paint more animals now. It's much more fun and you can be a bit more detailed with it. I'm not great at it but I'm getting better, I reckon. I would ideally like to paint something more colourful.

Here are some paintings I've done after my painting course:

We played with the paints at CAE, trying to make the paints melt into each other. It looks very cool!

We learned to use salt in our paintings. The salt soaks up the paint, creating a cool effect like stars in the sky or give the effect it's snowing. The effect varies depending on the colour of the paint and how dry/wet it is on paper. For this one, my paint was a bit thicker and dryer so the snowing effect wasn't as obvious.

I was given a cretionist brochure one morning and it had some great images in it. I ended up painting these giraffes. I think it turned out really well. It's not perfecting but it's still kind of cute.

This one was a bit disappointing. I found this really cool photo of an own but I just couldn't do it justice.

I read article about award-winning hens and there was this photo of a stunning white rooster. I had to paint him. Again, I couldn't do it justice. It was also trickier than other animal portraits because he's white and in watercolour painting, you don't have a white paint option – it's whatever colour your paper is.

I painted this guy today. It turned out all right. I'm pretty happy with it although I wish I could paint his skin folds better.

During high school I was really interested in using biro to create the illusion of texture. I decided to play with biro and watercolour. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I might do more of these later.

If anyone has any recommendation of things I can paint, please let me know! And you can follow me on instagram if you wish:

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