Friday, June 8, 2012

Teen crush flash back

So I've been very absent on the blog these days. I'm finding it very hard to write anything serious or find the time to do any proper writing so I'm going to ease into things by writing a pretty vacuous blog post about my celebrity crushes, starting from about age 16.

Yerrrrr, you know you want to share yours too!

1) Billy Martin, guitarist for Good Charlotte

When I was 16 I went through a bit of a pop punk phase. Good Charlotte had just released "Predictable" and I "fell in love" with this lanky, tattooed guy who looked crazy good in eyeliner. Things I did to sate this infatuation ranged from filling up my Billy Martin photo folder (which I would browse daily), to making a website in IT class dedicated to him. I AM SO EMBARRASSING. I set my website background to a very wobbly "I love Billy Martin" banner done in Paint. It is safe to say I was psychotic. I started to dress the way I think "punks" dressed like: rock tee, pleated skirt, leggings, converses studded with "fuck you" badges and whatnot. So Jay Jays, right? Check out the video to "I just wanna live". Billy is the one in the strawberry costume. LOVE IT.

2) Clay Aiken, American Idol 2 runner up

And you thought you liked nerdy guys! This guy will knock Seth Cohen and Michael Cera off the nerd list. And I mean that in the most endearing way. Clay still has a soft spot in my heart. Back in the day, Channel ten were airing American Idol 3 on TV and I was super into it because Australia had just successfully screened their first season of Idol. Everyone was eager for an Idol fix before the second season so this screening was a godsend. I was happily minding my own business one evening before dinner and BAM! Clay Aiken was all over my TV and I decided at that moment, I was "in love" with him. You know what else I did? I recorded every episode of American Idol 3 with Clay Aiken on it. I don't know where that tape is now, but thank fuck for youtube. I thought Clay was the hottest thing in the world. And that voice! I wanted him to serenade me to sleep. I contemplated asking my relatives in the US to buy me his album and send it over here because I wanted to support him and not illegally download his music. I decked out my diary with photos of him EVERYWHERE. Each week, there was a new photo of Clay to make me smile. And yes, I contacted every photo so the ink wouldn't smudge if it got wet. I AM SUCH A DORK.

3) Jared Leto, Actor and Singer for 30 Seconds to Mars

Yes people, you are very welcome. OK I have to admit, by this stage I was about 17, going on 18, so a bit older but still stupid and easily infatuated. I had started progressing to other bands by this stage (my Billy Martin phase was starting to wane). I was watching Video Hits (remember that show?) and I saw the video for The Kill. Naturally, I thought any guy with a floppy fringe and eye liner was a babe bomb so I had to look up this band. I genuinely really like 30 Seconds to Mars and so that was all I listened to and solo moshed to. That's when you pretend you're in a mosh pit in your room. There's usually no one there to judge you, but people do walk in/you fall over and twist your ankle. Then I started watching all the films he's been in, like American Psycho and Lord of War, and just thought he could do no wrong, although some of his recent hairstyles have been questionable but whatever. He's also starred in this TV show called My So-Called Life (which I need to get my hands on).

4) Cillian Murphy, amazeballs Irish actor

So... by this stage I was officially 18 and my tastes have matured. I was also easily swept away by suave badasses. I thought Cillian Murphy's Dr. Jonathan Crane in Batman Begins had it all: he had the nerd factor written all over him, exceptional blue eyes, and was just ... bad.  Then in Red Eye he was all flirtatious with Rachel McAdams but he psychotically knocked out RM by headbutting her, then swiftly wiping away the trickle of blood slowly running down his forehead (which was perfectly framed by his luscious hair). Then he was in Inception (which was why I saw that film) and I felt let down because Cillian Murphy is such a good actor and the character he played was so blah and same with Ken Watanabe (but that's another discussion). Anyway, I heard this guy speak with his native accent and it was just, for lack of a better phrase, a "panty dropper".

OK, this list could go on forever, and maybe I'll do a part two or whatever, but I have to remove myself from the internet. In the meantime, who did you hopelessly crush on at 16+?


  1. I agree, those are some gorgeous looking guys. :D I was hopelessly in love with Leonardo Dicaprio. I watched Titanic at least 5 times...:D

    1. Haha yes leo was such a heart throb during his titanic and romeo + juliet days!