Saturday, December 31, 2011

The wrong side of the bed

Last night I went out to dinner with my friend Rachael. We went to a lovely little Thai restaurant in Springvale called Mee Dee Thai and it was wonderful. I didn't take any photos or order anything too exciting. However, I will be back there on Friday with Liam because I know he will love it and they do sticky rice with mango and that's a huge win.

I was talking to Rachael and she said to me when it is the new year, she likes to spend the whole day doing things she loves because she believes what she does on the first day of the new year will dictate how that year goes.

I was hoping that today would be a very chilled day at work. Chill customers, chill shopping centre. But my whole day was just disappointing and reaffirmed my "I hate new year's" mentality.

Work was agonisingly slow. There was nothing to do. No one felt like doing anything except make "5318008" stickers with the pricing gun. Then thirty minutes before we were about to close, swarms of customers kept coming in and messing up our tables and racks. Where were they at 10am this morning? I was incredibly annoyed, especially when those customers kept sifting through our racks after we had told them we were closed.

I also had the worst lunch break ever. I know, I know – first world problem. I was really looking forward to it because Liam came and surprised me at work right before I was due to go on my break. I thought today would be the best lunch break ever. But I ended up spending the majority of my time literally waiting for my food to be made. The shopping centre I work in was so damn quiet but the food court was still extremely busy. We got some Hanaichi (my current Maccas substitute) and our food took about 20 minutes to arrive. I had to shovel my lunch in my mouth like they do in anime shows!

Afterwards, I wanted to go to Daiso and buy some weird candy, but they were shut. I WAS SO BUMMED ABOUT THIS. I decided to go to Chatime to get the special grapefruit QQ because my co-worker got it for lunch it tasted nice PLUS it had tapioca pearls (I LOVE DAT STUFF). However, when they started to make my drink, they had run out of pearls! GAH. So I ended up getting "rainbow jelly". It also took them another 10 minutes to make it too!


In other news, I've decided to start reviewing food from Daiso. I had this idea back when Susie had her radio show on SYN. I thought it would be the best thing if we reviewed Daiso candy, but Susie is in London at the moment and so I thought I'd do this solo-style on the blog. I've decided to buy the weirder flavours. I've got Butter and Salt candy, Sea Salt Candy and Bekko, which is apparently pure caramel. That one isn't weird; it just sounds delicious. I also saw a Salt and Peanut Butter one, Raw Sugar Candy, and others I can't remember. There are also other butter and salt flavoured ones. I just thought it might be a bit of fun.

I'm also thinking of reviewing Daiso's range of canned drinks and biscuits too. It's very exciting. I guess I'm just happy I've got a project happening! This can extend to podcasts, have friends "guest star" and give their 2 cents on whatever products I'm sampling. Hell! We can review all kinds of cider if we want to (which we/I will).



  1. "5318008" LOL. It took me a while but I got it :P I don't really like NYs either and I spent my first day going to parties..I'm a bit sick of parties really~ :S
    Happy New Year and hope 2012 treats u better!

  2. Happy new year to you too, jenny!