Monday, December 26, 2011

I don't mind Christmas. I just hate Boxing Day

I think most people in retail would agree that working on Boxing Day is the worst day ever. I've been working Boxing Days for the past four years, the fourth year being yesterday, and no matter how well you prepare yourself for it, you really don't know what to expect.

Yesterday was particularly bad, I suppose. I've never had to work a 12 hour shift before and it was made worse because it was so busy. It took 5 minutes to get to opposite end of the store. I was lucky I was in charge of the change rooms and was doing stock so I didn't cop much abuse. The poor girls at the counter had some nasty mums yell at them because they wanted something for cheaper because they found it in the $10 pile. What do people expect on Boxing Day? People put things in the wrong places because they can't be bothered putting it back in the right place. And then there are those customers that treat the store like a bin. I'm not talking about leaving their stupid coffee cups all over the store. I'm talking about spitting in the change rooms. Ick!

I feel like I haven't had much of a break these holidays. Christmas was technically a day off but it was stressful in a different way. It was the first time my parents met Liam's parents. I was really nervous about it because I feared my parents would be rude and not talk to anyone, but they really made an effort, so it turned out super well! I was really happy and we were all stuffed with food by the end of the evening. I had 5 glasses of champagne!

Liam's parents got me a lovely box full of face creams and make up, which I've already started using. I can really feel the difference on my face. Liam's siblings all chipped in and bought us a little voucher to a bed and breakfast so we could spend a few days relaxing in Port Fairy. Liam's parents also got my parents a huge hamper of wines and crackers, which was really nice, and got my brother a $20 iTunes voucher, which I know he was super chuffed about. I got Liam season 1 and season 2 of Community and he got me this portable emergency battery charger.

All in all, a good Christmas!

What did everyone get for Christmas?


  1. We don't actually celebrate Christmas in my house so no Christmas pressies, apart from a few small things like t-shirts and makeup from my friends. :( You seem like you had fun which is good, you deserve it! :) It was very scary the first time when my parents met my bf's parents too, but they met in China without us being there so it was more the wait that was scary. :P