Friday, July 29, 2011

Platinum Fashion Mall and Jazzie's

Day three was an interesting day. Sadly, I didn't actually take any photos. Sometimes it's really tedious having to lug your camera around. Sometimes I feel like I can't properly enjoy myself when I'm taking photos of everything. I just want to live it and enjoy it.

Anyway, I went to Platinum Fashion Mall with Liam, Biz, Chai and Yuthana. It's this shopping centre that's full of cheap cheap clothes and jewelry. We started our day with some food. We went to the food court at Platinum Fashion Mall. My weird meal of noodles and fishballs was weird and too oily, but Biz's som tum was tasty as. Damn. I always get food envy. We then shopped for a little bit but little yuthana got a bit cranky so Biz and Chai decided to go back to the hotel room. Liam had some work to do so he went back too. I found out later from Biz that he was concerned about me making my way back to the hotel room because I have a "bad sense of direction". Thanks dude.

I think I spent about 3 hours there. I bought so much stuff! What I noticed was that there were a lot of people who bought things in bulk, like you know, 50 of one item etc. I think they must sell them at the markets or online. That explained why touting at Platinum Fashion Mall never worked.

Should I post pictures of what I bought? I bought so much. A lot of it were tops. I found another pug t shirt so I had to have that. I also bought these tops that came in really cute prints. I reckon they'd be great for spring and summer especially with some high waisted shorts. One thing that annoyed me at Platinum Fashion Mall was that you weren't allowed to try anything on, not even something like a vest, which was super lame. Anyway, pretty much anything you bought was a bit of a gamble. That's why I didn't bother with skirts and shorts, which was a shame because there were some really cute ones.

Once I was all shopped out, I headed back to the hotel room. It was there that Liam and I decided to go find Forever 21. Well, actually, Liam wanted to find Kinokunya, this awesome book store, and I wanted to explore Forever 21. So we split up.

Let me tell you, Forever 21 was HUGE. It's the size of one floor in Myer! It was so big I was super overwhelmed. I didn't have time to try anything on, but I couldn't wait to explore it properly. Also, just a note, I went to Zara and Topshop the day before and I have to say it was kind of disappointing, especially Topshop. They were doing the whole bright colours thing which I have to say I'm not a huge fan of.

Dinner that night was great. We went to Biz's favourite place called Jazzie's. A really tiny lady runs the place and does all the cooking. She's immaculately made up as well, with her hair pinned up elegantly and make up applied skillfully. That night, we ate with Biz, Chai and Guillaume. It was the first time Guillaume would have proper Thai food (he said he had pizza for dinner last night). We wanted to blow his mind.

This was what we ordered. There's a chicken and pepper stir fry, som tum, a glass noodle salad, larb gai and some Thai fish cakes.

Chai ordered this. It's raw prawns with a spicy, tangy sauce. The lime juice in it cooks the prawns slightly. It was delicious, and very spicy.

We had such a good time. The food was great and the beer kept coming and we only paid 150 baht each, which is like... AU$5 each. Bargain!

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  1. I totally understand with the camera lugging. I have a DSLR that I brought to Japan plus 3 lens. I didn't take the lens anywhere with me. :S And shopping! THAT is what we missed out on when we went with a tour group! The only stuff we could have bought were crappy jewellery and fish oil that they forced on us. Gaaa....
    Oh btw, I LOVE pugs too! My bf thinks I'm crazy because he thinks they look ugly but I just think they're cute :D