Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gym tales continued

I've joined the gym ever since I got back from Thailand. It took a lot of hard work to lose about 8kgs so I'm really invested in keeping that off, even though I gained 3kg in Thailand. I figured, I'm not going to run in the cold during the dark, ungodly hour of 7am. I might as well join the gym. At least I'll be warm. I've joined with my friend Karmen so hopefully that's extra motivation for me. I hope we don't let each other down.

Yesterday, Karmen and I did our first class together. It was Body Combat. Here's a video:

It's pretty much air boxing. I had to kick and punch the air to a pulp while in rhythm to some adrenaline-charged top 40 songs. It's a lot more full on than you'd think, and requires a bit of coordination too. I mean, not even 5 minutes into the class, while I was "shuffling"/bouncing across the room sideways, I lost my footing and fell. I slid across the floor. Well, that's what it felt like. Some very kind ladies behind me helped me up. I was all right, but my dignity was bruised when Karmen started laughing.

It was pretty funny though.

But embarrassing in a soul-ripping kind of way.


It was one of those "No one makes me bleed my own blood" moments, so I punched the air faster and harder. As a result of my anger and embarrassment, I am now in a world of pain. Yes, it's your usual too much lactic acid situation, but it's also much worse than that because parts of your body that shouldn't hurt are hurting. It makes any movement impossible.

Sometimes I don't know why we do this to ourselves. I had grand plans to use the hotel gym in Thailand. I even bought some new converse shoes just for the occasion. I never did it, of course. I just couldn't be bothered. Besides, who wants to waste their holidays exercising?


  1. I've joined plenty of gyms in the past but embarrassingly I've only maybe been...once or twice? What a waste of money :( No one would join with me so no motivation..

  2. OMG I know what you mean. I'm always making excuses to not go to the gym. I wonder how longs this is going to last...