Tuesday, June 21, 2011

5 days...

I've spent the whole day cleaning my room. It took the whole fucking day because I was watching Sex and the City while cleaning (For those interested, I'm up to season 3 and Carrie is cheating on Aiden, which makes me really sad because he is the best thing in the world). It's taken hours. HOURS. The only plus side is that I've refrained myself from snacking aimlessly. I think I need to do something productive tomorrow. Maybe go the library or something. Oh, and yeah, jogging. I didn't go jogging today. Fucking hail. And my ankle is sore.

ANYWAY (sorry for the self-involved chat about my exercise routine), I'm repacking for Thailand. I can't fully pack for it just yet because there are still clothes I wear now that I want to take with me. This is the third time I've packed. The first time, I did it a month ago because I was insanely bored and way too excited about it. The second time I repacked because I wanted to see what the summer clothes looked like on because I had lost weight. I'm repacking again (and I'll do another final pack on Saturday) because I've been advised not to wear any red or yellow because of the election happening. I've removed some red sunnies, a red skirt and a red tank.

I don't want to bring too many clothes and last time I went overseas, I regret not buying enough stuff so this time around, if my bank account permits, I shall totally try to fill up my suitcase.



  1. OOhh you're going to Thailand! I lovedddd Thailand, I've been there twice :) So lucky! The Melbourne whether is shocking, I'd love to soak up some sun right now. Oh and I always do my packing 1-2 nights before, not very organised I am for traveling :P

  2. you've been twice? So jealous! I'm super super excited about it. It's all I talk about. yes, this weather is crazy! I don't see why we would need to pack any earlier than 1-2 days before going away because I always need all my stuff up until the last minute :)

  3. Although I don't think you'd need your summer gear in this weather right? haha...it's so cold that I don't want to get out of bed. :( It's true though that I go with a reasonably empty suitcase and come back overweight, there's just too many things to buy overseas!

  4. well I still wear a lot of t shirts and skirts in winter. And then wear loads of cardigans. Man, I can't wait for thailand...