Thursday, May 26, 2011

To ogle

I went to the doctor to check out this cold. I don't know that much about whooping cough but I did expect to be prescribed antibiotics as soon as the doctor was done stethoscoping me. That obviously didn't happen. I ended up needing a blood test to see if the whooping was in my blood. I suppose it's necessary, but I've had this cough for ages, and I would really like it to go away.

I went out with my boyfriend for dinner one night and we ordered this spicy chicken salad for dinner and normally I could handle the spiciness, but lordy, that chilli tickled my throat so violently that I had a spasm-ing coughing fit in the restaurant. I was very uncomfortable. This freaked me out because what if I go to Thailand and I can't handle the chilli because my cough is so bad? That's not acceptable!

Anyway, here's a photo of James McAvoy. I can't wait for the new X-Men.

taken from here.

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