Tuesday, May 24, 2011



Today at work there was a really sweet customer. He bought a lot of stuff and he added that retail therapy felt amazing. I feel exactly the same and told him that I was going to Thailand and I am trying so hard at the moment to not buy any new clothes.

I've heard great things about Thailand's shopping, although a lot of what I hear about is the awesome designer rip offs etc. I'm not hugely into designer stuff, but I'm really looking forward to all the markets, especially Chatuchak. It's apparently the biggest market in the world. My boyfriend's sister found some kind of awesome introduction to chatuchak on some show and recorded it for me. We watched it all together and not only could you buy awesome designer stuff, but there are quite a few stalls that support up and coming designers still in design school, selling their stuff for a fraction more than some stalls. I think that's super exciting.

Here's a list of things I'm thinking of buying, if they happen to sell them:

- Knock off doc martens. I would like them in pink and yellow, and possibly a dark forest green.
- Knock off Mulberry/ Coach satchel or shoulder bag
- One portion sized pot (good for cooking quinoa. Or instant noodles)

That's it so far. I don't want to have too big of a list in case I don't find anything on my list. I'm trying to find Thai fashion blogs but I can't seem to find anything so if any one knows of any, please link me. I'd like to know what the kids in Thailand are wearing.

God I'm so excited. SO EXCITED.

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