Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The sock out punch

Image taken from The Image Builders

Knee high socks.

Looks like I'm not the only one who's noticed and embraced this trend. I started watching New Zealand's Next Top Model last month and I've noticed that the lovely contestants on the show have been rocking this trend. To be honest, it seems like Glassons in NZ is a lot nicer than Glassons in Australia. I think the models wear Glassons during their big deliberation with Sara. Maybe it's the way it's styled (or maybe they're not even wearing Glassons), but it looks like they're wearing Forever New more so than Glassons. If anyone has any info about this, let me know.

Anyway, so I've been wearing knee high socks of late and after watching the newest episode of Pretty Little Liars and noticing practically everyone wearing knee high socks with cute skirts and dresses, I felt compelled to point this out on the ol' blog. And I'm not the only one that's noticed this trend. My partner has also pointed out to me that he's noticed a lot of women have been wearing them too. I'm not surprised. It's easily one of the cheapest and most comfortable ways of staying "on trend" or whatever.

Image taken from Mama's a Rolling Stone Magazine

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What are your thoughts on knee high socks?


  1. I always thought the phrase was socker punch? On a related note, apparently Aretha Franklin invented the phrase 'sock it to me' when she wrote RESPECT. Lol. None of these have anything to do with socks.

    I love knee high socks. think I have a skirt I can wear them with this season. will need some shoe counsel from you of course dear.

    Can testify that Glassons is better in NZ, seems like a happy mix of Sportsgirl and Cotton On. We basically don't have it here anyway, isn't there just that one at the shopping centre at Spencer street (formerly dfo)? Amy swears by their jeans though. I am keen to purchase some myself.

  2. i thought it was "Sock out punch" because it was mentioned on HIMYM. Do you mean sucker punch instead of socker punch? I thought it was sucker punch re: tegan and sara collab with tiesto.

    Yeah there's glassons at my work area. It's like... valley girl-esque without the range. I feel it does not compare with what I've seen on NZNTM. I'm glad you've cleared that up for me. I did some googling and the internet says it's an NZ brand so not surprised that it's better there than over here.

  3. I like knee-high socks.
    But, I hate it too. I hate how it slips downwards and how I awkwardly have to pull them up once every hour. Does a better brand = quality stays on better? Or, does it generally stays on better on girls with thin legs?
    I've got mine from Country Road, it's pretty and warm. ;))

  4. nah mine stay on pretty well and my legs ain't sticks. I just buy mine from the asian sock shops :)