Monday, February 14, 2011

He's like a handsome shark!

Since it is/was Valentine's Day (depending on your time zone), I thought it would be appropriate to share my 2 cents about crushing on boys, and why you should never, ever, ever, EVER waste $7 to buy a year 10 boy a rose on Valentine's Day.

When I was in year 8, I was a serial crusher. Any cute boy I saw it was BAM! Crushed. I think I had a crush on 8 boys in my class at that time. Actually, to be fair, I really liked one boy but my friend was super into him and she didn't know I liked him and I couldn't tell her I liked him so I had to pretend I was into other boys, which wasn't exactly a lie. Anyway, this said guy that I really liked had a really cute brother in year 10. Utterly gorgeous to my 14-year-old eyes. It was actually all about the hair. It was as if a mohawk had sex with Yu-Gi-Oh: utter spunk.

Anyway, our school had like a Valentine's Day drive where we could anonymously send roses, gerberas and chocolates to our Valentines for V day. Because I had this thing for this guy's brother, I stupidly decided to send his brother a rose. I wrote this heartfelt note on the card too, something along the lines of how there were people out there who liked him and how I thought he was really cool and just REALLY REALLY EMBARRASSING SHIT.

I couldn't bring myself to hand in the card, so I asked my friend to do it for me. She's a fearless one so she nonchalantly rocked up to the V day station and when the girl selling V day flowers read who the card was for, she gave (and I know this because I was watching from afar like the stalker I am) my friend the dirtiest look ever. I have no words to describe it. It was like a mixture of shock and disgust, like my friend was some kind of mutant cockroach trying to hump her leg.

When V day finally came and roses were being handed out, I was informed by my bunch of spies that this guy NEVER received a flower BUT he knew he was getting one because HIS FRIEND TOLD HIM. Fucking twat.

Well, I felt ripped off. I paid $7 for a fucking rose, and I couldn't complain about it or else it wouldn't have been anonymous. Biggest waste of money ever. But to be honest though, I'm glad he never received it. I'm glad he never read the embarrassing crap I crapped on about. If I could go back in time, I would have punched myself in the nose.

It may seem like I am making out like I am a serious, mature woman who is beyond having little bursts of infatuations, but you all know that is utter bull shit. I still crush on people. My latest crush is on Iwan Rheon. He's one of the stars of E4's Misfits. Google him. He gets super hot in Season 2 Episode 3. And he is Welsh.


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