Thursday, January 6, 2011

What's not to like about James Marsden?

Has anyone else noticed that while James Marsden is a sumptuously good looking man, he's always playing the role of the rebound-esque guy. Aside from 27 Dresses (mind you, the only reason I saw this film was because Marsden was in it. Then I saw what shoes he was wearing and I felt horrified that wardrobe allowed that to happen. He was wearing those sneakers that should only be paired with gym clothes and nothing else. Gasp indeed), he's always playing the role of the guy whose girlfriend ditches him for another dude because that other dude is her true love. He's always the nice guy that gets dumped because the woman loves someone else. Allow me to demonstrate:


Despite Marsden's heroic attempts to bring Amy Adams back to their cartoon world so they can have their true love's first kiss, Adams' heart is won over by McDreamy himself, Patrick Dempsey.

The Notebook

Marsden tries really hard to win Rachel McAdams' heart and even though he was rich, handsome and absolutely wonderful and not at all a dickhead, McAdams still carried a burning torch for Ryan Gosling.


OK I didn't like how we never really got to see Marsden's eyes in this film. Anyway, this time Marsden is all hunky like a superhero and when Famke Janssen, his GF, falls a bit in love with Hugh Jackman but then dies, he's ├╝ber depressed. She comes back to life (somehow) and she kinda kills him. Sad.

Superman Returns

I haven't seen this one but Marsden totally plays the role of Kate Bosworth's future hubby and I'm going to assume that she ends up falling in love with Superman and forfeiting her engagement. It's hard to say no to superman. Oh shit. I just read the wikipedia page for Superman Returns. She doesn't leave Marsden for Superman, but we all fucking know they're bloody meant to be together.

Anyway. That's all I've got.

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