Monday, September 20, 2010

Ron Rons

Last night when my partner was driving me home, I cranked up The Veronicas and sang unashamedly along to their awesome songs. We talked about them for a bit and we came to the conclusion that The Veronicas would definitely put on a kick ass show so next time they're in town, me and my friend Karmen will rock out at their gig.

Their songs are mostly about love and I think that's just a really common theme in music. But it's all about heart break and how some dude has been a jerk to them and it makes me sad (and yes, that is also sad that I feel sad over this). It makes me sad that two wonderful girls are also subject to such heart ache. It makes me sad that no one can escape that sort of thing.

Anyway, new life goal: to have blonde hair.

Man, I have to stop wanting to be twins.

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