Tuesday, December 15, 2009


There are two things that I love most, after things like family and certain/celebrities/money. One of them is clothes. The other is food. I don't know what order that would be in but I love them both equally, and I have a weird relationship with both too.

I will be going to Singapore and Malaysia in January and I am so psyched about it. I'm sort of going by myself. I'm flying by myself, which will be a first for me. But I will be going to Malaysia with my partner for a bit of fun there. I have a dear friend whose mother and father own a Swiss restaurant in Penang called Edelweiss. Both my partner and I are eager to visit there, although I'm slightly unsure of what I can possibly eat there because I don't eat pork, and from what I can see from the restaurant menu, almost everything has pork in it. But other than that, I'm so stoked about it.

I've spent the whole day pretty much googling all the places to shop and Im just really excited. There's the famous Orchard shopping centre and Orchard Central. Absolutely intense layers of hard core shopping. I've also been notified that the Far East Plaza is a good place to find awesme and unique bargains, so I'm definitely up for that. Though I have to admit, 25% of why I want to go to Singapore is because of Topshop. In Australia, we've been denied the awesomeness that is Topshop, possibly because it will challenge and evetually invade Sportsgirl's business.

Therefore, I've decided that as soon as I check into my hotel, I will be wondering around on Orchard Road and visiting the famous Topshop. I'm also thinking about getting my hair cut too. I'll be meeting up with my partner later in the night so hopefully a GOOD haircut might surprise him.

So here's the plan:
- Check in
- Find Topshop
- Get a haircut
- Eat something amazing

Ahhh. That's right. Eating.

I've been looking at all these websites, telling me where I should eat etc, and honestly, I don't think I am staying in town long enough to eat everything. There are, however, some dishes I really must try out:

- Chilli crab
- Indian Mee goreng
- This chicken burger that is crusted with hazelnuts, and has a coffee-infused mayo
- Any kind of delicious dessert

I found a blog called Grab Your Fork and the lass who writes the blogs went on a trip to Singapore, sampling all sorts of deliciousness. It's simply wonderful and I really recommend you read it. I just love re-reading everything she's documented. It's awesome! Do check it out.

So reading everything has really put me in a good mood. I want to go to Singapore ASAP. It actually inspired me to make roti canai, although I just made the curry sauce, not the roti. I'm not a genius. There are no photos because I am too ashamed of what I made. I simply cannon bring myself to call what I made roti canai, despite its deliciousness.

Anyway, I feel like I should make some kind of itinerary for myself to follow. I will be mostly alone and I hope I will be able to find some of my Singaporean friends once I get there.

Oh man I am so excited!

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