Saturday, November 28, 2009

Maybe just tonight we should forget about what's right for one last time...

The weather is rather weird right now. I'm wearing my fluffly whte robe at the moment. I cannot believe how comfortable it is. I don't have any clean pyjama pants left so I am wearing shorts but it's way too chilly for shorts, hence the robe.

I had a rather fucked up day at work. Being a retail whore is hard because you get a lot of shit from people. I was folding some singlets and saw that there was quite a line of customers ready to buy clothes. I jumped onto my register and called out, "who's next?". No one even looked at me. So I said it again. I was completely ignored. This time I shouted it out, and again no one wanted me to serve them. So I walked away and continued folding singlets.

After a few minutes, one lady asked me to check something for her so I took a singlet to the register to check for sizes. I was at the register and the line hadn't moved. This woman who was with her boyfriend gave me a look that said, "you should serve us". I just thought, fuck that. I asked for the next customer and you didn't come so that's not my fucking problem.

I walked away.


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